The Making Research Accessible initiative: Co-op Term Reflections

A reflective report about my first co-op term for the Making Research Accessible initiative, a collaboration between UBC Library and the UBC Learning Exchange that aims to improve access to scholarly research among people who live and work in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Back-of-the-Book Index: Cottage Loaves and Plain Bricks

A back-of-the-book index for a local history about bakers in early-20th-century Waltham Forest (an East London borough). Includes an introductory note explaining the indexer's decisions.

Falling Down the Wikihole: An Inquiry Into Idle, Time-Intensive Wikipedia Browsing

A preliminary exploration of a research question related to information studies. Includes a statement of purpose, literature review, sample instruments and codebook. For practical considerations, this inquiry stops short of actual field study, but it sets the stage for future research.

Sveglio: A Virtual Guide to Everything Coffee

This activity follows the steps of system prototype design from beginning to end. It includes a statement of purpose, a survey of similar extant products, user research. The final product is a working prototype that follows both established user experience heuristics and recommendations from independent research.

Formscanner Guide for Department of Sociology Faculty

A comprehensive guide to the Department of Sociology's instance of Formscanner, an optical mark recognition program that helps faculty quickly scan, mark, and assess multiple-choice exams.

Open Scholarship in Practice seminar explores inclusive intersections between research and pedagogy

A published write-up of UBC's Open Scholarship in Practice workshop seminar held on September 29, 2017. During the seminar, university faculty and students outlined their self-started initiatives that promote and sustain open scholarship on campus.

Subject Headings for Children's Books

A list of subject headings, with hierarchal and relational sequences, corresponding to a small collection of children's books.

Connect To Your Future: A Web Resource for Nontraditional Nursing Undergraduates

A prototype for a website intending to assist the specific informational needs of those prospective undergraduate nursing students commonly considered "nontraditional" or "mature."

Topic Briefing: Toward A More Intersectional Digital Humanities

A comprehensive briefing, addressed to the Directorial Board of Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria, that offers practical solutions to improve diversity and intersectionality in digital humanities spaces.